Nuka-Cola 48. Due to its high radiation, the facility came to be known as the Glow, surrounded by legends among the people of New California. Along with this it adds a unique shotgun (not in … The upper floor contains the holding cells, together with the decontamination laboratory. CROSS Strigidae. Church 8. FEV experiment disk - Log Date January 7, 2077. Med-Tek Research Information "Description goes here." Fallout 4 spans a huge number of Locations, almost all of which are associated with the game's myriad Quests and Missions.Each and every site in the game is unique - … The experimental cultivars can be harvested for carrots, tatos, and razorgrain, however, the most important loot lies upstairs. After the Great War, the power generator's fuses got stuck in the locked position, powering down the entire base. leaders In addition, the most advanced research labs in the country were located here, such as physics and biology laboratories, allowing for breakthroughs to happen in science. A few moments' exposure is enough to give a lethal dose of rads. [10] With the exception of Sergeant Jake Bianchi, who attempted to blow the whistle on the human experiments taking place at Huntersville in early November and was promptly court-martialed and replaced with the much-more pliable Orlando Garrett, the quarantine was successful. In 2077, a faction within the soon to be Brotherhood of Steel led by Sergeant Dennis Allen gained strength, and they urged Captain Maxson to let them explore the ruins of the West Tek Research Facility, now called the Glow, for artifacts. If their predicted sales are anything to go by, Prevent was to be their latest in a long line of wonder drugs.Subjects used in Med-Tek's research may not have participated in the experiments voluntarily. I wanted to clear it 100 times (server hopping each time) and farm as many Legendaries as possible just to see how many spawn there. map name Cell blocks were built into the lower facility to house test su… The West Tek research center was founded in August 2075 in order to focus on Greenhouse Initiative, the last extension of the Pan-Immunity Virion project after Forced Evolutionary Virus experiments were spun off from the initiative. Other [1] The company used Huntersville as a testing ground, after West Tek and the government saved it through a rural development grant. Locations. [11][12], Experiments continued at West Tek, attempting to isolate an FEV strain that could create sustainable mutations. In November, the 12th Mountain Division was deployed to the town to enforce the quarantine, citing concerns about a possible pandemic. The Glow can be found eight squares east and twenty-four squares south of Vault 13. The body of Sergeant Dennis Allen lays in the conference room, encased in a defunct suit of T-51b power armor. Savage Divide, Appalachia An interactive map of all Fallout 4 locations. [7], By August, the denizens of Huntersville were isolated in their homes by West Tek researchers, with armed guards in full hazmat gear deployed to keep them contained. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The primary mutant encampment is in the front, with a cooking station next to an abattoir and a holding cell for humans, ringed by a number of towers. quests We were made here, but you will DIE HERE! Fallout 76 locations with chemistry workstations, Fallout 76 locations with cooking stations, Fallout 76 locations with tinker's workbenches, Fallout 76 military and research facilities, West Tek research center terminal entries, West Tek research center terminal entries; Greenhouse control terminal, Greenhouse Initiative, Huntersville terminal entries;Gail Meyer's terminal, Personal Journal 06.04.75, Huntersville terminal entries; Gail Meyer's terminal, Personal Journal 08.20.75, Huntersville terminal entries; Gail Meyer's terminal, Personal Journal 12.20.75, West Tek research center terminal entries; Greenhouse control terminal, RE: Greenhouse Initiative, West Tek research center terminal entries; Analysis terminal, FTS-3A Water Analysis, West Tek research center terminal entries; Analysis terminal, Formula Adjustment, Huntersville terminal entries; Gail Meyer's terminal, Personal Journal 09.08.76, Huntersville terminal entries; Tac Ops terminal, Op Date 11.02.76, Huntersville terminal entries; Tac Ops terminal, Op Date 11.04.76, Huntersville terminal entries; Tac Ops terminal, Op Date 11.05.76, Huntersville terminal entries; Tac Ops terminal, Op Date 11.07.76, West Tek research center terminal entries; Advanced mutations lab terminal, Report: Test Subject AM48, West Tek research center terminal entries; Advanced mutations lab terminal, Report: Test Subject AM49, West Tek research center terminal entire; Advanced mutations lab terminal, Report: Test Subject AM50, West Tek research center terminal entries; Advanced mutations lab terminal, Report: Test Subject AM51, West Tek research center terminal entries; Control room terminal, Technician's Log 05/03/77, West Tek research center terminal entries; Control room terminal, Technician's Log 06/16/77, West Tek research center terminal entries; Advanced mutations lab terminal, Report: Test Subject AM52, West Tek research center terminal entries; Advanced mutations lab terminal, Report: Test Subject AM53, West Tek research center terminal entries; Control room terminal, Technician's Log 10/30/77, West Tek research center terminal entries; Front desk terminal, Remote Team Operation Report, Whitespring surveillance recordings; 2.9.6, The vats themselves occupy the western portion of the facility and have two levels. [5], While the Californian facility continued cautious experiments with FEV, gradually progressing through vertebrates to create a reliable strain of the virus, the Appalachian branch of the company was ordered to begin human experimentation in order to push FEV to its practical limits, in what was dubbed the Super Mutant program. [8] This proved to be insufficient, necessitating military intervention. Bobblehead 20. The Glow, true to its name, is one of the most highly irradiated locations in the Fallout universe. DLC On Show All Hide All. They were quite surprised when one known as the Vault Dweller actually made it back, bringing with them a holodisk that recorded the fate of Allen's expedition, and earning them a place in the Brotherhood. [8] Although the soldiers found West Tek authority to be detestable, at best, they followed orders and isolated the town with roadblocks and a secure perimeter. Three charred corpses lie around the crater. The Glow The Glow can be found eight squares east and twenty-four squares south of Vault 13. The pass keys are a clear reference to id Software's. The project focused on applying new mutations to create edible plants and vegetation that could greatly increase food production and combat the shortages that led to the food riots rocking the country. Cell Data The bottom level contains the various experimentation laboratories, including (clockwise from the upper left) the specimen containment, testing labs, advanced mutations lab, admin desk, and the main specimen lab. Subterranean:Level 1Level 2Level 3 (Weapons Research)Level 4 (Biology-Physics Research Labs)Level 5 (Secure Testing Labs)Level 6 (Barracks and Operations Center) name The Silver Shroud (Part 1) and Covenant The Lost ... head down a hallway to the west. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Check out our Fallout 76 Map. [19] The experiment on October 23, the day of the Great War, created a massive, headless creature that was sedated and transported off-site. The front entrance leads to the lobby together with reception terminals and two doorways. Holotape 64. Night Vision / Thermal / Targeting HUD goggles and eyepieces with new meshes and HD textures. Capt. The atomic bombing obliterated much of the level and scorched what survived. There will an elevator that will take you the Med-Tek Sub-Level. Due to the virulent nature of the virus and its unpredictability, the facility's objective was to identify and isolate viable FEV strains through a variety of methods. On his person was a holodisk which the Vault Dweller used to become an initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel. Fallout 76 - Learn the Secrets of West Tek - Duration: 54:29. Although the technicians considered bolting, they remained behind for a week while their superiors attempted to make contact with headquarters and failing that, with the US Army units at Huntersville. The locker room contains a locked safe. The West Tek Research Facility, colloquially known as The Glowor Great Glowafter the Great War, was founded in 2055as the primary biological research installation for West Tek, later expanded to accommodate advanced weapons labs. Interactive map of Commonwealth for Fallout 4 with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content [13] Further attempts produced a variety of horrors, including a subject whose organic tissues were replaced with various forms of retinal tissue on April 30,[14] one killed 12 days into the mutation by its canines piercing the medulla oblongata on July 12,[15] and a nightmare-inducing result that was biologically stable, but in traumatic pain resulting from the hyperactive nervous system that resulted in it commuting suicide immediately after being transferred to a holding cell on September 5. • Chemistry station• Cooking station• Tinker's workbench West-Tek was divided into two distinct divisions, "Advanced Weapons" and "Biomedical Sciences Research,"[2] by 2069 it was the single biggest private contractor of the American government, with its biggest project being the T-51b power armor for use by infantry soldiers on the frontlines. Colonel Robert Spindel (pre-War)ZAX 1.2 X Search. Research would continue until late-2076 when the fear of international espionage uncovering the PVP research required a complete relocation to the Mariposa Military Base[3] where experimentation on human subjects would continue. terminal entries The FEV vats seen in the research center closely resemble those seen in Mariposa Military Base in 2161, except that the West Tek vats appear to be light green instead of dark green. Fusion Core 71. ", and "You humans made us! robots The West Tek research facility appeared only in Fallout. map marker [16] Beside experiments, the facility's personnel also started work on a neutralizing agent for FEV in May. West Tek was a major United States defense contractor and research corporation, involved in strategic defense projects of the Department of Defense, such as power armor and FEV research. 3 vision effects, 8 colors, and 2 … Nuka Cherry 53. ", "See what your science has made, human! Med-Tek Research is the remains of Med-Tek Laboratories medical research facility in the Commonwealth. The change voided most of the contracts at the research center, with Dr. Wilfred Dumont, head of research, scrambling to find a solution for the now-jobless researchers. From Medford to Med-Tek Research Fallout 4. Hub: Bought from Ms Stapleton for $750 ($500 with a a Charisma or Barter check). Fallout 76 testing the best legendary farming locations WEST TEK 20 run loot experiment - Duration: 7:50. People West Tek records is a downloadable note in the original Fallout. map marker It also adds an exterior, which replaces the Natick Power Station, essentially being a copy and pasted med tek. Technical Fallout 4 Mod: West Tek Tactical Optics (night and thermal vision) - Duration: 4:15. Site WestTekExtWestTekExt02-08WestTek01 (interior) [3], West Tek employees made for poor conversation partners, clamming up or ignoring the townsfolk when they tried to befriend them - national security being no joke - but Huntersville did not mind, especially when West Tek money started flowing to the local farmers in exchange for testing rights for the PVP-modified crops. In the security office are two functional protectrons that can be released, while the decontamination arch can be activated via the same terminal. Little remains on the surface of the Glow, just a gaping crater where once the heart of the American research effort laid. WEST TEK TACTICAL OPTICS adds new tactical goggles and eyepieces, featuring new meshes and textures, which are fully modular, craftable, and upgradeable at the the armor workbench, with 3 primary vision effects with various brightness options, 2 secondary enhancements, and 8 colors. Other actors The second level of the facility has been affected by the nuclear blast also, yet more survived, such as the security bots of the facility. quests Anyone who reached out to West Tek for help was isolated in the research center for further observation and study. The project focused on applying new mutations to create edible plants and vegetation that could greatly increase food production and combat the shortages that led to the food riots rocking the country… If you need a list of the Wasteland’s magazines, you’ve come to the right place. The northwestern one leads to the research center (requiring the access holotape, found in the southeastern part of the facility, in the old Greenhouse Initiative laboratories), connecting to a vat chamber that leads to the mothballed labs and the vats chamber. During the Great War the surface of the installation took a direct hit from a nuclear warhead which left a gaping hole exposing the subterranean installation, shattering the FEV containment tanks and releasing the irradiated virus into the atmosphere. 1 Background 2 Layout 2.1 Ground floor 2.2 Sublevels 3 Notable loot 4 Notes 5 Appearances 6 Gallery 7 References Owned by Med-Tek Laboratories, this private research laboratory was primarily focused on infectious diseases.1 One pharmaceutical in particular created by Med-Tek … Other members of the team included Soto, Jensen and Camarillo. Can you unlock them? Mutated by radiation, the airborne FEV strain did not have the same mutagenic abilities as its counterpart at Mariposa, but still complicated things for the Master later on. Fallout 76 Top 10 Legendary Unique Weapon Locations! Although powerful, the cost of fielding such a weapon on a mass scale were considered too extreme and the project was shelved in 2044. [4] The money flow suddenly stopped in February 2076, just as the Greenhouse Initiative was shuttered and PVP assets were transferred to the Forced Evolutionary Virus initiative. 1 History 2 Products 3 Appearances 4 References West Tek was founded in 2002, consisting of two divisions: Advanced Weapons and Biomedical Sciences Research.1 Its early projects included the … GLOWENT.MAP (entrance)GLOW1.MAP (levels 1, 2 and 3)GLOW2.MAP (levels 4, 5 and 6), The West Tek research facility, colloquially known as The Glow or Great Glow after the Great War, was established in 2055 as the primary biological research installation for West Tek.[1]. [17] Intense experiments with a variety of compounds eventually produced a working sample in June, capable of rendering FEV completely inert. Walkthrough. West Tek research center appears only in Fallout 76. When one first gets to the crater from the world map, they will receive the message "you receive a large dose of radiation" twice. [18], October was far more productive in terms of successful mutations. Med-Tek was a pre-War medical and pharmaceutical company. Here, surviving records of the FEV development can also be gleaned. Protectrons West Tek research center terminal entries Experimental strains FEVS-006443 producing what would eventually become the snallygaster on October 14, with the researchers planning to observe and reintroduce the monstrosity to Huntersville if it was able to cohabitate with a standard mutated human - with a partner, no less. While the Californian branch was relocated to the Mariposa Military Base to focus on perfecting the mutation process and create super soldiers, the Appalachian facility continued to focus on pushing the limits of FEV, testing a variety of strains. There is another cooking station on the roof, together with what appears to be an art studio. Camper 2. On arriving on the sub-level, take the path to your right. terminal entries The hazmat-equipped soldiers augmented the security while West Tek researchers continued their experiments on the population,[9] even as the mutating humans started to turn violent around September. ref id This took about a week and by the end really started to piss me off so I hope this helps someone. Explore the room to the north to find an Ammo Box [Novice] and a Duffle Bag, then explore an office to the south to find a Terminal [Advanced] which unlocks a floor Safe [Advanced]. West Tek Research Center This supercomputer oversaw all research and development that took place in the base, in addition to performing the routine checks etc. Sealed, protected by three robot checkpoints, these laboratories witnessed the development of FEV and advanced weaponry, including the Winchester P94 plasma rifle. Clothing items can completely change the appearance of Fallout 4, especially those added to leveled lists (see below). Segments keywords sections Its early projects included the X277 magnetic rail cannon. Perk Magazine 123. This facility had a decontamination arch that was capable of sterilizing staff who had been accidentally exposed to the FEV, even if an entire bucket of the FEV had been spilled over the individual's head. West Tek Research Center is a location in Fallout 76. The experiment began in February 2076, leading to an outbreak of what seemed like a rare strain of flu at first. Bunker 5. The West Tek research facility was destroyed in the nuclear holocaust of 2077. This level connects two different lifts providing transportation between the levels of the facility. Fallout location This mod recreates the interior of West Tek Research Center from Fallout 76 in Fallout 4, using only Fallout 4 assets. West Tek research center The Brotherhood of Steel used to send unwanted applicants to the Glow on a "fool's quest," referring to it by the moniker the "Ancient Order," just to laugh about it later when they ended up dead because of the high amount of radiation in the area. Razorgrain is a consumable in Fallout 76. This was where the offices and other administrative sections of the facility were, before the destruction of the building. Other Magazine perks in Fallout 4 can augment existing perks or provide all-new perks. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 3 Locations 4 Gallery 5 References Razorgrain is a tough and sharp grass that is promising as a replacement for wheat which has become extinct from the region and can either be used for livestock hay or human consumption.1 Used in the following: Blackberry honey crispFried radtoad legsMud cookieRazorgrain … Around the back is the rear entrance to the FEV vats, together with a small adjacent storage building and a catwalk leading to the rooftop. The Glow: Can be downloaded through dialogue with ZAX 1.2. Learn the secrets of West TekPast Expiration Ever since the nuclear holocaust, he idled, biding his time, frustrated at his inability to perform even the most basic of routines. Pickups. Weapon 66. The facility was left to the elements until it was rediscovered around June 2080 by Enclave scouts seeking for a way to inflate the DEFCON rating in Appalachia, to allow Thomas Eckhart to seize control of the nuclear missile systems and continue the war against China. The added commerce and traffic from the research center was an added boon,[2] leading to an economic boom in the small town. West Tek Research Center. West Tek records - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! The Vault locations v34.129 is a holodisk in Fallout. A rope can be attached to the steel beam in order to enter the facility.

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